Hancourt Lorena for Weisford

Sire: CH SH CH CIB Ballyhenry Hancourt Yeats An CH 12, CW11, 12 Jun CH
Dam: Hancourt Romilly

Whelped: 18th November 2012

Eyes:  Clear Jan 2018

Hips : 4&6

Rena @ 6 months

Rena doing what she does best!!
Rena has bounded into Weisford and made herself very much at home.  I have returned to my roots in a way as my first dog was a Labrador and they have always had a special place for me.  Rena is a very much an extrovert with a great zeal for life and has fitted in like a duck to water.  I am very much looking forward to my days out with Rena.


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 CH, SH CH, CIB Ballyhenry Hancourt Yeats (An CH 12, CW 11, 12 Jun Ch)
Hips 7:3


 SH CH Ballyhenry Sea Biscuit
Hips 5:3
Nor CH Birchbrook Barley Wine of Charway
Ballyhenry Gypsy Woman
Ballyhenry Corn Wine
Hips 6:12
CH, SH CH, CIB Sorann Ringo
Ballyhenry Misty Morning


 Hancourt Romilly
Hips 3:4
CH, SH CH, CIB Ballyhenry Sea Breeze at Hancourt (An Ch 98,99,00)
Hips 6:8
Ballyduff Koala of Ballyhenry
Hips 5:5
Simandem Debutante at Ballyhenry
Hips 3:4
CH, SH CH, CIB Hancourt Shanahan (An Ch 02)
Hips 4:4
SH CH Fernross Rainbow
Hips 8:4
Ballyhenry Sea Spray at Hancourt
Hips 4:6