Weisford Springtime Dancer

Sire:  GB CH Trewater Made to Measure
Dam:  Riverdance Spring Azalea at Weisford
DOB:  18/03/09
Eyes:  Clear BVA Cert 22.05.10  Hips: 5:3


Millie has gone to live with my parents.  She was chosen by my mother, and like her brother Reggie, she is quiet and laid back.  She has settled in well and although she is not impressed with the showring, she has a loving and gentle nature and enjoys her days hunting in the fields and curled up by the fire.


Pedigree of Weisford Springtime Dancer

Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents

 GB Ch Trewater Made to Measure
Hips 3:6

 GB SH CH + Swe Sh Ch Lindjan Xylonite
Hips 7:5
Gatchells Boy from Bangkok
Hips 8:8
Lindjan Quality Street
Hips 7:7
Trewater Lottie
Hips 2:7
Gatchells Jazz Player
Hips 6:6
Trewater Sadie
Hips 3:5


 Riverdance Spring Azalea at Weisford
Hips 8:6
GB SH CH Amberland Ajax
Hips 2:3
Muskan Most Likely
Hips 3:3
Amberland Amenta
Hips 4:4
Riverdance String Quintet
Hips 5:5
Shinehill Party Politics at Riverdance
Hips 5:4
Kidston Weeping Willow at Riverdance
Hips 3:4