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Rathcloon Cookie Crumble at Weisford Jun CH
Sire: GB SH CH Flygalee Alonso
Dam: SH CH Rathcloon Peaches N Cream (Jun CH, JD)

Whelped: 26th March 2017

Eye:  Clear BVA Eye Cert

Hips:  4:6

Elbows: 0

      Tadhgh at 10 months


    Fit for Function

Achievements: Tadhgh came into my life completely unexpectedly.  I saw him as a 6 week old puppy in Orlagh Murray's litter while I was looking at the puppy bitches for potential show homes.  I can honestly say he captured my attention and my heart that day. The rest is water under the bridge.  He arrived home as a 7 week old puppy and to say he is simple one of the best dogs I have ever owned is an understatement.  He has taken to life in the show ring and the working field like a duck to water. Tadhgh trilled me by winning his first Green Star as a 9 month old puppy and has proven himself worthy of a place on my picking up team after attending one day to see how he would react to Gunfire.  He has loved every day he has been out.  He is the sweetest, easy going, eager to please boy and I cant wait to see how this boy matures.   



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 GB SH CH Flyngalee Alonso


 Touareg De Ria Vela For Invergoil

 ESP CH Sundowner De Ria Vela
Toscane Du Bois De La Rayere
Linirgor Candy Luv At Flyngalee GB SH CH Stranroph Endlewood Nicolas
Linirgor I Luv U


 SH CH Rathcloon Peaces N Cream (Jun CH, JD)

SH CH GB SH CH Flyngalee Northern Lights (JW, Sh CM) GB SH CH Stanroph So It Had To Be (JW)
Flyngalee The Sun Shines
SH CH Rathcloon Spice Is Nice Kesta Simple The Best
Rathcloon Irish Dream



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